To celebrate one of Big Summer Golf Card’s Best Years Ever, and to Reward our Long-Standing Supporters and Cardholders we are pleased to introduce a New Referral Program for 2022! With this program your 2022 Big Summer Golf Card will only cost $40!

How does it work?

A renewing, or new cardholder, can purchase a 2022 card for just $40 when referring one other person who buys a 2022 Big Sumer Golf Card*.

*The referred person cannot be an existing cardholder or have been a cardholder in the last two years (2020 and 2021). If eligible the referred person will also receive a BSGC for just $40. Everyone saves on this deal!!

Regular season price for the 2022 Big Summer Golf Card will be $60. An early season price of $53 will be available from October 1, 2021, through March 1, 2022. New, individual, cardholders who purchase a 2022 BSGC in October of 2021 will get 15 months of value! The person referring a new purchaser can be an existing 2021 cardholder or a new cardholder. Each referrer can only propose one person under this program.

The referral program is only available through calling in to the office on (941) 923-2232. Big Summer Golf Card brings you great savings all year long, SAVE even more when you purchase your 2022 Big Summer Golf Card now and refer a friend!!


  • I am a 2021 cardholder and want to buy a 2022 card. I have a friend who has never had a BSGC before. How do I introduce my friend and the both of us get a 2022 card for $40 each?
  • You are completely eligible for the program. Just call the office on (941) 923-2232 and our team will talk you through the purchase. Congratulations on getting even more savings from your BSGC!
  • I have heard about the great savings I can get with Big Summer Golf card. I have never had one before nor has my golfing buddy. How do we get to buy a 2022 card each for $40?
  • As a prospective new cardholder both you and your golf buddy are eligible for the program. A simple call to our office (941) 923-2232 will have you both out on the courses with a great value card for only $40 each! And, if you buy your 2022 card in October then you effectively get 15 months of value!
  • I play with a group of three other guys. Two of them have 2021 Big Summer Golf Cards like me, our fourth player doesn’t. I want to buy a 2022 card; can I buy it at $40 if I refer one of my two friends who has a 2021 card?
  • The answer is no because your friend has a 2021 card and is therefore not eligible. However, you can refer your fourth member of the group who does not have a BSGC and both of you will get to buy the card for $40 each. Just call the office for details.
  • I love my 2021 Big Summer Golf Card and want to renew for 2022. My three golf buddies don’t have a BSGC. Can I renew my card for 2022 and refer all three of them so we all get the 2022 card for $40 each?
  • The program only allows one referral per cardholder. However, the good news is that you can all get the 2022 card for $40 and here’s how!
  • As an existing cardholder you can introduce one of your friends and you both get to buy the 2022 card for $40. Then, get one of the other two friends who does not have a BSGC to call in to the office to buy a 2022 card and introduce your fourth friend as a referral. They will both get the card for $40 each. An existing cardholder, or a new cardholder, can each refer one person under this program. See how it works? Now all four of you have a card at $40 each.
  • I wasn’t able to play golf this year but I did have a 2020 Big Summer Golf Card. If I buy a 2022 card can I refer a friend who has not had a card since 2018 and get the $40/$40 deal?
  • Absolutely. It doesn’t matter when you had a Big Summer Golf Card, when you apply for a 2022 card you are eligible to refer a friend and get the $40/40 deal. Your friend did not have a card in 2020 or 2021 and so is eligible. You both win!
  • I am new to golf and the area. I want to get the great savings and variety of courses that the BSGC offers but I don’t have someone to refer right now. What are my options?
  • You can still get a great deal! The retail price of the BSGC is $60 which cost can be recovered in one week of play! If you buy your card with the pre-season special offer then you will only pay $53, so the savings start straightaway. You can purchase your card online, or by mail, or by phone. Go to www.bigsummergolf.com to purchase.
  • I purchased a single card for 2022 previously in the year at the single card rate of $60, or $53. I now have a friend or someone visiting that I would like to refer for the card at the $40/40 deal. Can I refer someone after I have purchased a single card earlier in the year?
  • Any card holder that chose to purchase a single card for 2022 is NOT eligible to refer someone for the $40/40 deal. The friend can pair up with someone else that has not had the card in 2020 and 2021 and they would each get the 2022 card for $40.
  • I purchased a single card for 2022 previously in the year at the single card rate of $60 or $53. If I refer someone for the $40/40 deal, will I get a rebate of $20 or $13 off the single card I purchased?
  • If you bought a single card for 2022 you are not eligible to refer someone for the $40/40 deal and there is no rebate on the purchase price to a single card holder purchase for 2022.


  • To be eligible as a referred friend that person is someone who has NOT had a BSGC in 2020 or 2021.
  • Any existing or prior card holder can refer one eligible person under the $40/$40 program.
  • Any new cardholder buying a 2022 card for the first time can refer an eligible friend under the $40/$40 program. Both purchasers get the deal.
  • The $40/$40 deal can only be used one time by the person referring a friend only at the same time they are purchasing their own card.
  • Any person who is not referring someone can purchase a card at the current price.